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Betswap is Diversifying its Treasury & Deepening Liquidity for BSGG token with KyberSwap

We are excited to welcome Betswap into the KyberSwap ecosystem! In order to diversify its treasury and take advantage of KyberSwap’s capital efficient protocols, Betswap has chosen to host $250,000 in BSGG liquidity with KyberSwap on Avalanche network.

About Betswap:

A multi-chain decentralised sports and eSports betting exchange, Betswap is the first of its kind peer-to-peer platform where users wager against other users and liquidity providers, as opposed to traditional sports betting where wagers are made against the house. The exchange serves as an intermediary marketplace for your bets.

This gives users more flexibility than traditional sportsbooks and gives them the option to set their own odds, enabling them to play both sides of a wager for the first time: as a bettor and a bookmaker.

As a decentralised platform, all wagered funds are placed in smart contracts which are set to immediately release the funds upon completion of the event without payout delays.

Built on Polygon, Betswap’s native token BSGG is also available on Fantom and Avalanche with plans for further deployment in the near future. Utilities include governance voting rights, staking and social betting.

Read here to learn more about Betswap.

By hosting $250,000 in BSGG liquidity on KyberSwap, Betswap is diversifying its limited liquidity supply while at the same time ensuring healthy trading volume and better slippage for price execution through KyberSwap’s aggregator routing.

Add liquidity to Betswap’s BSGG – USDT.e pool now on KyberSwap and earn optimised fees with concentrated liquidity and Reinvestment Curve!

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