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KyberSwap Launches NPS Survey to Build a Better Journey for KyberSwappers


KyberSwap is proud to be a community-driven project and we want to keep doing right by our community.


Our team is constantly gathering research and feedback to learn how we can make improvements but we want to do more.


Which is what leads us to introduce our first ever NPS Survey!


What is NPS?
NPS stands for Net Promoter Score. It’s a tool organisations use to better understand customer satisfaction and experience.


With your feedback through this tool, we intend to identify our gaps, your satisfaction level and pain points so we can understand and improve our product to build you a better journey with KyberSwap.


What you can get from joining the NPS:

  • Give direct feedback to Kyberswap team, all of your feedback will be heard, understood and considered to improve Kyberswap.
  • Have the chance to connect and engage with the team (if you want to), Selected participants will even get first-hand alpha news when we prepare to launch new programs!
  • Have the chance to win from the rewards pool of 1500 KNC.
  • Your identity will be totally safe, any information you provide is confidential. You can join without providing any personal information if you don’t want to.

How to join:
Give us your feedback by filling the survey here.


27th Oct to 6th Nov (23:59 UTC)


All feedback will be taken into consideration and rest assured your identities will be kept anonymous. Personal information need not be disclosed when filling out the survey.


That’s not all!


We’re giving away 1500 KNC to:

  • 20 participants with the BEST feedback (most insightful, helpful, etc) — 50 KNC each
  • 20 random participants from eligible wallets — 25 KNC each

Participants must fill out the survey by 6th Nov 23:59 UTC and your wallet must have conducted at least 2 transactions on KyberSwap BEFORE 27th October 2022 to be eligible.


We’re pumped to hear from you guys!

. . .

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