Angle Protocol Partners with KyberSwap to provide the best Liquidity and Rates for agEUR on Arbitrum

Angle Protocol has chosen the capital-efficient DEX Aggregator KyberSwap for enhanced token liquidity on Arbitrum, with ~$24,000 in $ANGLE and $KNC liquidity mining rewards.

KyberSwap has already listed agEUR and we’re excited to take our partnership with Angle Protocol to the next level!

About Angle Protocol

Angle Protocol is a decentralized, capital efficient and over-collateralized stablecoin protocol composed of smart contracts running on open blockchains.

Launched in Nov 2021, Angle Protocol aims to create a sustainable money layer for blockchains and is currently issuing agEUR, the most liquid Euro stablecoin on Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism and other chains.

On top of its stablecoin product, Angle protocol also offers to its users ways to:

  • Trade perpetual futures
  • Earn yield from strategies
  • Get leverage on a wide range of assets

ANGLE is the governance token for Angle DAO and is the backbone of the Angle Protocol allowing it to be governed in a fully decentralized way. ANGLE’s total initial supply is 1 billion and there is no planned token inflation. The only address with minting capability is the Angle Governor Multisig.

Learn more about Angle Protocol here.

From ~9th Dec 14:00 UTC, liquidity providers can add any amount to our eligible agEUR-USDC farm on Arbitrum and earn their share of ~$24,000 in $ANGLE and $KNC liquidity mining rewards.

Important Details

  • Start block: 1670594400 ~ 9am EDT (9pm GMT+8)
  • End Block: 1678370340
  • Reward: ~$24,000
  • Pools: agEUR-USDC
  • Campaign Duration: ~3 months
  • Vesting: No Vesting

Add Liquidity

  1. On KyberSwap, under “Earn ➡️ Pools”, select [Elastic Pools]
  2. Add liquidity to the eligible pools marked with the money bag icon. Approve the tokens if you have not done so earlier.
  3. Input a custom price range in which you would like to provide liquidity by indicating the min price and the max price of that range. A narrower range gives your higher concentrated liquidity more fees and farming rewards, while a bigger range would give a higher chance of the pool always being active.

Note: While you can deposit both ‘Out of range’ and ‘In range’ liquidity positions, only your ‘In range’ liquidity positions will earn you farming rewards.Your positions can go out and in-range depending on the token price, and you will earn fees & rewards every time it’s in-range”


  1. Click [Deposit] and select your liquidity position NFT (ID number). Click [Deposit Selected], approve and wait for your transaction to be confirmed.
  2. IMPORTANT* After depositing your liquidity position NFT, click the [+] button to stake your deposited NFT.

Note: If the [+] button is disabled, it means that you haven’t deposited your NFT liquidity positions into the farming smart contract yet. You MUST stake your liquidity position NFT in the farm to start accumulating rewards (depositing the liquidity position NFT earlier is not enough).

Unstaking & Harvesting Rewards

  1. If you wish to harvest your rewards while keeping your staked positions, head to the “Farm” page, click the “axe” icon button on the far right of the farm you want to harvest from, or the “Harvest All” button. A “Harvest” popup will be displayed and you can see the rewards you have accumulated so far in terms of total dollar value and in terms of individual tokens. Click on “Harvest”.
  2. If you wish to unstake, your rewards will be automatically harvested when you unstake your position. No need to harvest them separately.

Unstaking & Withdrawing your NFT

  1. To unstake your NFT, simply click on the [-] button on the Farm.
  2. You will see a popup prompting you to select the liquidity position NFT you wish to unstake. Make your selection and click [Unstake Selected]. Confirm and wait for your transaction to go through.
  3. Once your NFT is unstaked, remember to withdraw your NFT. You will need to do this before your can remove your liquidity from the “My Pool” page.

For more detailed instructions on farming with Elastic pools, please visit:

You can also view farming tutorials directly on KyberSwap or watch our tutorial video here:

. . .

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