EthCC Integrates KyberWidget To Accept ERC20 Tokens For Ticket Purchase

We are happy to announce that EthCC has integrated KyberWidget into, allowing attendees the option to pay for their tickets in over 70 different ERC20 tokens. This integration demonstrates how various parts of the crypto stack can be combined to expand payment services to users and make their lives that bit easier.

What is EthCC?

EthCC (Ethereum Community Conference) is a not-for-profit conference bringing together more than 250 international speakers to discuss the latest developments around Ethereum. Taking take place in Paris, from March 5th — 7th 2019, prior to the ETHParis Hackathon, this year’s lineup of speakers includes Vlad Zamfir, Afri Schoedon, Taylor Monahon, Hudson Jameson, Aya Miyaguchi, our very own Yaron Velner, and many other opinion leaders from the world of blockchain.

Enabling Ticket Purchase With ERC20 Tokens

Prior to KyberWidget integration, ETHCC only accepted payment through credit card (resulting in a 3% transaction fee charged by Visa and Mastercard). By integrating with Kyber, attendees now have the option to pay in any of the 70+ ERC20 tokens available on the Kyber Network ranging from DAI to WBTC to TUSD. Payments are done on-chain within one transaction and at no point do the tokens leave the custody of either the sender or the receiver. This permissionless integration process means conferences like EthCC, EDCON, and ETHIS (Ethereum Industry Summit) or any other ticketing websites can easily add payment and swap functionality by deploying the code themselves without requiring any involvement from the Kyber team.

How To Buy EthCC Tickets With ERC20 Tokens

  1. Make sure you’re logged into Metamask

3. Select Pay with tokens

4. You will see the KyberWidget pop-up

5. You can choose to make payment in WBTC (Wrapped Bitcoin), ETH, DAI, or more than 70 ERC20 tokens. Click Next, then click Approve.

6. Fill up the form, and click SUBMIT

Congratulations! You have just used Kyber to purchase EthCC tickets with cryptocurrency!

Enjoy 10% Discount If You Pay With Tokens

To celebrate this integration and encourage the adoption of decentralized token payments, MakerDAO and Kyber are collaborating to support a 10% discount on ETHCC ticket purchases if they are bought using ERC20 tokens. Only the first 100 tickets purchased will receive this discount.

For developers interested in integrating the KyberWidget

The KyberWidget is designed to enable quick transactions of Ether and ERC20 tokens on websites. There is no need for users to register prior to using the service, and the widget allows users the flexibility to swap tokens directly from different wallets (e.g. keystore, Trezor, Ledger, private key, and MetaMask). We are excited to see more interesting use cases for the KyberWidget on other websites!

To install on your own website

Visit the widget generator at

Fill in the parameter, click Get Code, and copy/paste into your web application.

You can also visit for a more in-depth guide on the parameter options.

To learn more about how you can integrate Kyber with your website, visit our Developer Portal, and join our Telegram Developer Group.

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