KyberSwap Limit Order Campaign

Prepare to dive into a DeFi adventure, offering both convenience & lucrative rewards in your DeFi trades. Introducing KyberSwap’s Limit Order Campaign, an opportunity that merges  the benefits of Limit Orders with the potential for  NFT rewards. 

What are Limit Orders?

Cryptocurrency operates within a volatile market, marked by constant fluctuations 24/7. This unpredictability can pose challenges for traders to stay updated on prices. While traders may capitalize on price changes for potential profits, there’s also the risk of substantial losses during market downturns. To manage trade returns and mitigate loss risk, utilizing a limit order proves invaluable. This order enables you to set the maximum price you’re willing to pay for a specific cryptocurrency or the minimum price for selling it. Limit orders secure fixed prices for trades, offering a proactive approach amid ever-shifting market values. Through limit orders, you can ensure optimal prices for your transactions.

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Using Limit Orders on KyberSwap

Unlock the potential of KyberSwap’s innovative Limit Order feature to pre-set your desired swap rates hassle-free. Our smart contracts execute swaps automatically when market conditions meet or exceed your preferences. No more constant market monitoring – enjoy settled trades when prices align, potentially gaining more tokens than expected through Limit Orders.

To enhance order fulfillment odds, KyberSwap seamlessly integrates Limit Orders into our aggregator, broadening the pool of potential takers. This integration attracts a diverse range of traders, boosting success chances.

Join our Limit Order Campaign now and step into a realm of NFT rewards. Redefine your blockchain experience and elevate your trading prowess with KyberSwap!

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KyberSwap Limit Order Campaign Details

So make your trades count! Complete 3 easy missions using KyberSwap’s limit orders on Galxe to open the door to NFT rewards and an exclusive airdrop!


Start Date: 22 August 2023 ~ 09:00 UTC

End Date: 30 September 2023 ~ 16:59 UTC

How to participate on Galxe:

Step 1: Click on this link or head to the Galxe website and manually type “KyberSwap Limit Order Campaign” in the search function.

Step 2: Connect your wallet. Ensure you are on the Polygon chain.

Step 3: Complete the 3 missions listed, and ensure all of them are carried out and verified on Galxe.

Complete these missions on Galxe:

Mission 1: Retweet this post about the KyberSwap Limit Order campaign.

Mission 2: Trade any tokens on with a total minimum trading volume of $100.

*Important Note: Ensure you click the “Enter now” button and successfully complete the captcha presented on the Limit Order Trading Campaign page prior to engaging in any trading activities. Upon completion of the captcha, a confirmation pop-up will indicate your successful registration for the Trading Challenge. Users will not be eligible for the rewards if they skip this step.

Mission 3: Place limit orders and have the minimum filled volume of $200 on KyberSwap.

Limit Order Execution Requirements

  • How to take part: Place limit orders and have a minimum filled volume of $200 on KyberSwap.
  • Limit orders must be placed on any 1 of the following 6 chains:
    • Ethereum
    • Arbitrum
    • Optimism
    • Avalanche
    • Polygon
    • BNB Chain
  • Orders executed between stablecoins will not be eligible.

Example 1: $USDC to $USDT  ➡️ Not eligible

Example 2: $USDC to $KNC ➡️ Eligible

Example 3: $KNC to $DAI ➡️ Eligible

*To place orders on KyberSwap, simply head to the Swap tab on, click on [Limit], select your token and key in the amount you wish to sell, along with the token you wish to buy. Remember to set your expiry limit. Review your order and relax while you wait for your order to get filled!

*For more detailed steps, visit our Limit Order Docs.

Claiming your NFT rewards on Galxe:

Only 1,000 KyberSwap Limit Order NFTs are available for an exclusive airdrop! Eligible participants will be able to claim their NFT rewards on Galxe after completing all missions correctly. 

All NFTs are to be claimed by 3 October, 2023.
*Ensure you are on the Polygon chain when claiming your rewards.

Airdrop Distribution

The rewards will be automatically airdropped into the KyberSwap Limit Orders NFT holders’ Polygon wallets within 10 working days after the campaign ends, so ensure you have claimed your NFT rewards by then!

Further Details:

  • Prizes will be claimable on directly via Galxe. Users will have to claim the NFT rewards on their own. 
  • Take note, however, this campaign does not have ranked rewards; nevertheless, traders can still view their ranks on our Leaderboard.
  • The campaign will run from 22 August, 2023 through 30 September, 2023. KyberSwap retains the right to amend the campaign’s start and end dates with reasonable notice.
  • KyberSwap aims to reward real, unique participating users on the KyberSwap website.

KyberSwap maintains the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify any user who violates, cheats, or exploits the campaign.

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