KyberSwap’s 10 Days of Christmas Trading Campaign with Lido Finance

It’s time for Christmas cheer and the spirit of giving with KyberSwap as we’re giving away $20,000 in KNC rewards! Simply swap on Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism with wstETH & USDC and stand to win!

‘Tis the season to be jolly! And all the more reason for you Kyberians as we’re bringing back KyberSwap Trading Contests!

In the spirit of Christmas giving, KyberSwap and Lido Finance have decided to bring all of our traders to the party with our Christmas Trading Campaign! $20,000 in KNC rewards for 200 winners to take home!

That’s not all!

More bonuses are waiting for traders and farmers who maintain a continuous trading cycle and contributes to volume and TVL growth! So prep your wstETH and USDC assets for maximising your opportunity to win every day for the next 10 days!

*Important Notice*
Based on community feedback & initial campaign performance, the Kyber Team has decided to modify the contest requirements from Day 4 onwards to make it simpler for more individuals to participate. Please see below for full changes.

For our loyal users who made swaps over the first 3 days of this Christmas Trading campaign, KyberSwap will be sending $30 KNC to each wallet address who made at least 1 qualifying trade during these 3 days. This will be sent directly to your wallet address by 22 Dec.

Ranked winners for the first 3 Days will be able to claim their rewards as usual on KyberSwap (Ethereum) AFTER the Christmas Trading campaign has ended. Winners from Day 4 onwards will claim their rewards on Polygon chain.

You can also continue to participate in the contest to qualify yourself for our Christmas Raffle where 100 lucky winners will win $100 each!
PS: Remember to use the same wallet address!

KyberSwap’s 10 Days of Christmas Trading Details

Daily Prize Allocation over 10 Days
  • Trading Volume Rank 1: $350 in KNC
  • Trading Volume Rank 2: $200 in KNC
  • Trading Volume Rank 3: $100 in KNC
  • Daily Raffle: $50 in KNC for 7 random lucky winners each
Duration (Updated):
  • Start Date: 9 Dec – 4am UTC
  • End Date: 20 21 Dec – 3am UTC
Total Rewards:
  • $10,000 in KNC for 100 winners
Eligible Token(s) (Updated):
  • Any token swap with stMATIC (on Ethereum and Polygon ONLY) or wstETH (on Ethereum, Arbitrum and Optimism ONLY)
Eligible Chain(s) (Updated):
  • Ethereum (For stMATIC , wstETH)
  • Polygon (For stMATIC)
  • Arbitrum (For wstETH)
  • Optimism (For wstETH)
Trading Contest Details (Updated):
  • Token swaps must be between the wstETH and USDC token pair to qualify for the contest.
    Example 1: $wstETH swap to $USDC ➡️ Eligible
    Example 2: $USDC swap to $wstETH ➡️ Eligible
    Example 3: $wstETH swap to $ETH ➡️ Not Eligible (Swap does not involve $USDC)
  • Users much trade a minimum of $200 USD trade vol to qualify.
  • All swaps must be made on the Ethereum chain on

  • Token swaps must be involve wstETH or USDC to qualify for the contest.
  • Example 1: $wstETH swap to $USDC on Ethereum ➡️ Eligible
    Example 2: $stMATIC swap to $KNC on Polygon ➡️ Eligible
    Example 3: $stMATIC swap to $USDT on Arbitrum ➡️ Not Eligible ($stMATIC swaps are only eligible on Ethereum and Polygon)
  • All swaps must be made on

10 winners every day for 10 days so click to start trading now!

Christmas Raffle (Updated)

As promised, we have a special Bonus of $10,000 in KNC for traders who’ve managed to maintain a continuous trading cycle over the course of this Trading Contest!

All traders who made qualifying trades over a minimum of 8 5days over the course of this 10 day trading contest will be automatically eligible for a special Christmas Raffle! Remember to use the same wallet address when performing your swaps!

100 winners will be chosen at random to win $100 in KNC each!

Winners will be notified via our Announcement channels so make sure you’re following our Social and Community channels to ensure you don’t miss out!


Need a handy guide of the 10 Days of Christmas Trading? Want to understand where the rewards are and how it will be distributed? Here’s a summarised table below:

DateTrading DaysTotal Rewards
9 Dec1st Christmas Trading Day$1000
10 Dec2nd Christmas Trading Day$1000
11 Dec3rd Christmas Trading Day$1000
12 Dec4th Christmas Trading Day$1000
13 Dec5th Christmas Trading Day$1000
14 Dec6th Christmas Trading Day$1000
15 Dec7th Christmas Trading Day$1000
16 Dec8th Christmas Trading Day$1000
17 Dec9th Christmas Trading Day$1000
18 Dec10th Christmas Trading Day$1000
21-23 DecAnnouncements & distribution of rewards to all winners$10,000 total daily Rewards
$10,000 total Christmas Raffle to participants for ALL 10 DAYS
25 DecMERRY CHRISTMAS!Enjoy the rewards from trading & farming your wstETH!

Rewards Distribution:

Winners can claim their rewards via KyberSwap on the specific day’s campaign page after the full campaign is completed.
Example: User A wins the rewards of Trading Campaign 1 (Day 1). He/She will need to go to Campaign 1 (Day 1) page to claim his rewards, NOT the other campaigns pages (Day 2, 3, 4, etc.) after the full 10-day trading campaign ends.

Further Details

Not sure how to get wstETH? Read our previous article Lido Finance and KyberSwap partner to bring low slippage, optimized wstETH liquidity to Ethereum to find out more details about Wrapped Staked ETH!

For Degen Alphas who can’t earn enough, check out our wstETH farms on KyberSwap, where volume is taking over on Ethereum Mainnet.
Don’t forget to participate in our farms to earn the most from your assets as the trading volume increases and trade routes through our pools, giving liquidity providers more yields through LP fees and farming rewards!

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