KyberSwap’s Community Member of the Month Contest – Win Up to 10,000 KNC!

Introducing KyberSwap’s Member of the Month contest – an exciting blend of  community spirit, growth and the opportunity to share in a prize pool of up to 10,000 KNC over the course of 4 months!

What is KyberSwap’s Community  Member Of The Month Contest?

KyberSwap’s Member of the Month Contest is how we’re celebrating the heart of our community – its members! Our goal is simple: to foster even deeper connections within our Discord family and to spotlight those who radiate positivity and enthusiasm.  Participating in this contest means more than just competing for amazing prizes totaling 10,000 KNC – it’s about contributing to the thriving growth of our KyberSwap community.


  • Tentative contest duration: 31 August – 31 December (4 months)
  • Phase 1: 31 August 2023 – 30 September 2023

The duration of the overall contest period, total number of winners and the rewards for the subsequent months will be determined based on the outcomes observed during Phase 1.

How to participate

Step 1: Be an existing member of the KyberSwap Discord server for at least 3 days.

Step 2: Invite new friends or/and engage actively within our server.

Who Qualifies as KyberSwap’s Members of the Month?

  • “Member of the Month” selected by KyberSwap team:
    • Outstanding community members handpicked by the KyberSwap team for their exceptional contributions and dedication to nurturing a vibrant and supportive community environment.
  • Top Active Members of the Month on  Mee6 Leaderboard
    • These are the top members who consistently provide fresh insights and provide valuable assistance to newcomers within the community throughout the month.
  • Top Inviters of the Month on Invite Tracker Leaderboard
    • These are the top members who bring the highest number of  new individuals to the community during the month.

Reward allocation for the 1st month:

AchievementTotal reward (KNC)
Member of the month 200 KNC each
Top 5 active member of the month 150 KNC each
Top 5 inviters of the month 100 KNC each

How to check the Leaderboard

In this contest, we will be utilising  the MEE6 bot, known for its versatile features for moderation, automation, and leveling purposes. MEE6 tracks user activity, helping users level up. Additionally we’re employing the Invite Tracker botto monitor and manage invites, ensuring accurate tracking of  invites and their counts.

Active Leaderboard with Mee6

  • The leaderboard and XP will be reset at the starting time of each phase.
  • Users earn between 15 and 25 XP randomly for each minute of messaging.
  • To avoid spamming, XP acquisition is limited to once a minute per user.
  • Users can check the leaderboard at

Invite Leaderboard with Invite Tracker:

  • Invite your friends to the KyberSwap Discord server by sharing your personal invite link or inviting them directly.
  • Our mods will update the leaderboard daily at 4:00 (UTC) in the #invite-leaderboard channel.

Terms & Conditions

  • KyberSwap team and ambassadors are ineligible to receive rewards.
  • Participants are encouraged to engage in discussions about KyberSwap’s DEX campaigns, and community activities; supporting and interacting with fellow members; and sharing relevant memes/stickers related to KyberSwap.
  • Violating server rules, using inappropriate language, spamming, impolite behavior, or promotingf other projects during the contest period will lead to disqualification.
  • Discord members can win once per month. Those chosen as “Member of the Month” or “Top Active Member of the Month” cannot receive additional prizes. If a member holds both titles and is also among the “Top Inviters of the Month,” the subsequent members on the Top Inviters leaderboard will be selected instead.
  • The final invite count considers valid invites minus users who leave the server during the campaign and any fake users.
  • Avoid spamming or using bot commands in unrelated channels for checking leaderboard rankings to maintain the integrity of the Discord channel. . Engaging in such activities may result in disqualification.
  • The reward amount and the number of winners may vary each month, as determined by the KyberSwap team. Any alterations will be promptly communicated to all participants.
  • The content and rules are subject to change or cancellation by the KyberSwap team’s discretion. Any updates will be communicated to participants promptly.
  • KyberSwap holds the right to disqualify users who violate, cheat, or exploit the contest, as determined at its sole discretion.

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