Kyber Network: Product Roadmap Updates 2024 – 2025

Dear Kyber Community,

We are thrilled to share our comprehensive product roadmap for the upcoming year, reflecting our commitment to continuous innovation and improvement. Our focus remains on enhancing the user experience, expanding our ecosystem, and driving greater utility for KNC holders.

As one of the top three aggregators globally, our vision for 2024 and 2025 is to further strengthen our services and provide the most robust and efficient platforms for our users. We believe that, KyberSwap API, and KyberDAO play a crucial role in the current DeFi landscape. Our goal is to serve as many API users as possible, offering them the most reliable and seamless place to trade any tokens, always providing superior rates through our aggregator API. We aim to facilitate all necessary technologies for DeFi applications to provide a user experience as smooth and fast as centralized exchanges, without the risk of custodial funds.

Our roadmap is divided on 3 distinct components of Kyber Network Ecosystem, namely:


Roadmap Details


1- KyberSwap API

KyberSwap API Details


  1. Aggregator Engine: Smart Liquidity Pool Governance

    • We will utilize statistical models to dynamically enable or disable liquidity pools within our aggregator engine. With this automation, we can allocate our resources elsewhere, saving us time and operational costs.
  2. Aggregator Engine: Smart Contract Updates

    • By integrating deeply with Liquid Restaking Tokens (LRTs) and Liquidity Staking Tokens (LSTs), we aim to provide the best rates to our users. This update will not only improve rates but also enhance UX and boost trading volume.
  3. Aggregator Engine: Liquidity Discovery V1.53 – Aggregator EVM (Aevm) Custom Node

    • We are launching an innovative aggregation node called Aevm to achieve a 15x faster Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) execution, serving as the execution layer for the liquidity discovery component. This will reduce operational time and costs, enhance system robustness and improve rates.
  4. Zap Technology: Zap API V1 Launch

    • Our Zap technology is a set of products providing APIs and widgets that allow any dapps to offer seamless access to “adding liquidity” and earning features for their users. With Zap, users can enter any supported liquidity protocols to earn LP yield with a single transaction and a single token. This innovation in the market is a game-changer for liquidity providers (also called LPs). It saves a lot of wasted time and effort by reducing the number of transactions required to provide liquidity to just one. No more swaps, no more adjusting the amount of paired tokens, no more dust tokens. Just Zap it! The first version supports Uniswap V2, Uniswap V3, PancakeSwap V3, and their forks. This technology utilizes our superior aggregation algorithm to offer the most cost-effective, efficient, and convenient way to provide liquidity to earn yield.
  5. Zap Technology: Zap Widget V1 Launch

    • We will offer a ready-to-use iframe widget for any dapps wishing to integrate our Zap solution on their front-end. This effectively turns every dapp with a token into a place where users can bring liquidity and access to rewards in only one transaction! This widget will significantly increase convenience and fast integrations for any dapp willing to offer our solution to users. Delivering this widget for free will improve significantly our offerings to partners.
  6. Price API V1 Launch

    • Our platform will be the first to offer aggregated on-chain price data with real-time updates across multiple chains, providing the most accurate on-chain price information. This algorithm is made possible thanks to our liquidity indexing system used for our aggregation system.


  1. Aggregator Engine: Routing Algorithm V1.54

    • We will introduce an AI model based on aggregated liquidity depth and historical trading data for optimal chunking strategies. Our new AI innovation will smartly predict liquidity and slippage to optimize trade routing and splitting. It will make our routing algorithm more efficient on the back end side, reducing costs, and offer better rates without the need of additional liquidity.
  2. Exclusive Liquidity Network: Launch of V1

    • A groundbreaking off-chain liquidity network will be launched, enabling exclusive liquidity to seamlessly integrate into the KyberSwap aggregation system. Expanding our liquidity sources is one of the main pillars to bring performance and competitiveness to the aggregation market.
  3. Zap Technology: Smart Contract Update

    • We will focus on integrating more protocols and liquidity sources across various chains to improve the efficiency of our Zap API. The more efficient it is, the higher our volume and reliability will be.
  4. Zap Technology: Zap API V2 Launch

    • Zap API V2 will support both “Add Liquidity” and “Remove Liquidity” from any supported pools, using any tokens. This service will improve convenience for users, saving time and cost for Liquidity Providers (LPs).
  5. Zap Technology: Zap API V3 Launch

    • On top of Zap API V2, we will also support a “Rebalancing” or “Readjusting” feature that will save a significant amount of time and cost for every active LPs. Rebalancing will allow users to change liquidity range ticks with a single click, utilizing the cutting-edge technology of KyberSwap Aggregator and our Zap service


  1. Aggregator Engine: Liquidity Discovery V1.55
    • Discover and integrate with Uniswap and PancakeSwap hooks in order to provide continuous optimized rates, increase our competitiveness and increase our volume on the aggregation side.
  2. Aggregator Engine: Routing Algorithm V2.0
    • Introduces a novel routing algorithm to optimize rates further and significantly reduce gas costs.
  3. Liquidity Depth API V1 Launch
    • We will introduce the first API that provides aggregated liquidity depth information. In the DEX world, liquidity depth is not calculated due to many complications. We will offer a solution to make it possible. We believe that having this feature is crucial for on-chain traders in order to analyze price impact and understand how usable the liquidity for a token is. It can also be used as a data feed for financial API models.

2- Details


  1. Market Overview Page
    • With this new feature, will provide real-time token prices for all on-chain categorized tokens, powered by KyberSwap Price API. Prices are calculated using our advanced aggregation algorithm for optimal routing, allowing users to find arbitrage opportunities, discovering new tokens and providing an all in one place to trade tokens!
  2. New Trading UI
    • A new user-friendly trading interface made for CEX users and traditional traders. Users can choose two trading interface options; continue using the well-known “swap” form or using our new customized Buy/Sell buttons. To make it clear, traders will see their default pairing with stablecoins, ETH, wBTC or any other major assets, as they wish, similar to a CEX trading experience. Our new UI includes a fast and gasless Limit Order protocol for creating and canceling orders safely without transactions or fees. Our ultimate goal is to bring on-chain crypto trading to the masses, with an intuitive and professional trading experience.


  1. Earn Feature Return
    • Utilizing KyberSwap Zap technology, will provide its own UI so that users can enter/exit any pools from supported protocols, including Uniswap V2, Uniswap V3, PancakeSwap V3, and their forks. We aim to make of an all in one website for all trading and Liquidity Providing activities.
  2. Earn Feature: Pool Explorer
    • It will display all pools and APR from supported zap protocols, allowing users to easily compare, explore and choose which pools to enter or exit.
  3. User Safety: Token Security Checker
    • Enhances user safety by detecting if a token is a honeypot or has possible transfer tax (with more factors to be added later).


  1. DCA (TWAP, VWAP) Feature
    • Trading can be difficult, that’s why we come up with a DCA (Dollar-Cost Averaging) service. A non-custodial way to trade with peace of mind, regardless of market volatility, using the automation of KyberSwap DCA feature.
  2. Earn Feature: User Positions
    • Tracking and managing LPs positions takes time. With KyberSwap “Earn” feature, we provide a tool to track, display and manage LP positions of a user’s wallet, allowing easy rebalancing using KyberSwap Zap technology.


  1. iOS, Android App Launch
    • Launch of mobile apps with a new account abstraction solution to unify the trading experience between web and mobile apps. Users can trade on any platform with the same wallet (including hardware wallets).

3- KyberDAO (KNC)

KyberDAO (KNC) Details


  1. KyberDAO as Resolver of Intent-Based Trading Platforms
    • Development of optimized smart contracts by KyberDAO to act as a resolver on other intent-based trading platforms such as UniswapX, 1inch, CowSwap, and PancakeSwap. Plugging KyberSwap Aggregator API as a resolver (maker) on these platforms could significantly increase our volume and fees for KyberDAO. 50% of the flat fee taken will go to KyberDAO, with the rest to the Kyber team.


  1. KNC as Token Requirement for KyberSwap’s Exclusive Liquidity Network
    • KyberSwap’s Exclusive liquidity network will have limited seats for users to join and provide liquidity for each pair. Holding KNC will be a key criterion for selecting who can provide exclusive liquidity for a token pair. By being selective with our Exclusive Liquidity Network, we shall increase the utility and demand for KNC with this feature.


  1. Off-Chain Liquidity Protocol
    • The Kyber team is collaborating with a new off-chain liquidity protocol team (in stealth mode) to bring liquidity to a verifiable off-chain layer, minimizing smart contract risk. KyberDAO will launch an AMM on that off-chain layer to provide maximum hack mitigation while maintaining excellent UX of an AMM. The liquidity will be available through KyberSwap aggregation system. A portion of potential generated fees could be distributed to KyberDAO to increase its treasury.
  2. Off-Chain Liquidity Mining
    • Thanks to the new off-chain liquidity protocol, we will reintroduce a convenient liquidity mining program to help grow the usage of the ecosystem, attract more liquidity and increase the KyberDAO Treasury.

We encourage all community members to participate in discussions about this roadmap on our forum and Twitter. Your feedback and insights are invaluable to us. We will review and publish the roadmap twice a year to keep you updated on our progress and any adjustments to our plans.

Thank you for your unwavering support and for being a vital part of Kyber Network’s journey. Let’s build a better, decentralized future together! 

Best regards, 

Victor CEO & Co-founder, Kyber Network

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