KyberSwap STIP Trading Campaign Launch on Arbitrum

KyberSwap STIP Trading Campaign Launch!

Join the KyberSwap Arbitrum STIP Campaign and Earn ARB!

KyberSwap has been allocated 450,000 ARB by the Arbitrum Foundation to incentivize on-chain activity and liquidity. Over the next 10 weeks, Arbitrum users can participate in our Trading & Limit Order Campaign and our new Referral Program!

We’re thrilled to launch this unique campaign, rewarding all trading activities on Arbitrum through the KyberSwap API. Whether you trade directly on KyberSwap or through its integrated partners, you can earn ARB incentives!

KyberSwap Trading Campaign – 315,000 ARB

Starting July 8th, 2024, any on-chain trader using the KyberSwap Aggregator API will automatically earn points based on their weekly trading volume and the categories of tokens traded, points can be fully converted to ARB tokens.

How to Earn ARB:

  • Swap Eligible Tokens: Earn a share of 31,500 ARB each week by swapping eligible tokens. Check the eligible tokens list.
  • Use Any Supported Interface: Swap from interfaces that support the KyberSwap API, such as, Llamaswap, Pendle and much more!
Point Categories:
  1. ARB Trading: 10 Points per USD swapped.
    • Example: ARB <> USDC; ETH <> ARB; PENDLE <> ARB
  2. Uncorrelated Tokens: 5 Points per USD swapped.
    • Example: ETH <> USDT; WBTC <> WSTETH; PENDLE <> KNC
  3. ETH Derivatives: 1 Point per USD swapped.
    • Example: ETH <> WSTETH; EZETH <> RETH; WEETH <> ETH
  4. Stablecoins: 0.25 Points per USD swapped.
    • Example: USDC <> USDT; FRAX <> DAI; LUSD <> MIM
  5. Bonus: 25% more points on eligible trades made directly on

Track your points and ranking on our Leaderboard.

KyberSwap Limit-Order Campaign – 90,000 ARB

Starting July 8th, 2024, trade by creating Limit-Orders on Arbitrum to buy/sell tokens at determined prices and earn a share of 9,000 ARB per week.

  • Earn Points: Points are awarded when limit orders are filled, based on the same criteria as the Trading Campaign.
  • Track Progress: Check your points and ranking on our Leaderboard.

KyberSwap Referral Program – Up to 45,000 ARB

Launching on July 9th, 2024, our Referral Program rewards both referrers and referees with up to 45,000 ARB throughout the campaign.

  • Create a Referral Link: Generate your unique referral link at and share it on social media.
  • Earn Rewards: Referrers get 10% of their referees’ ARB earnings, and referees get a 5% bonus on their initial ARB earnings.

Note: Only trades made on are eligible for the Referral Program, which applies only to the Trading Campaign.

Happy trading Kyberians! 💚

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