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Tutorial, security & privacy precautions

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This post was originally posted on 27, August. We reposted it now for later references.


  • We will NEVER post our Ethereum wallet address to request for early contribution during the registration period (August 31 to September 10)
  • Registration link is Please bookmark it.
  • A total of three (and only three) emails will be sent to your email during the registration. Please note that we will NEVER include URL links or ask you to send ETH in the emails.
  • Registration starts at 10 am (GMT+8/UTC 2am), August 31, and ends at 10 am (GMT+8/UTC 2 am), September 10 ; you have plenty of time to register, but are strongly advised to register early, because depending on individuals, some KYC cases might take longer to process.

Why do I have to register and undergo KYC check?

The primary objective of the registration of token sale is to enforce a mandatory Know-Your-Customer (KYC) check to prevent identity theft, terrorist financing, money laundering and financial fraud. It allows our team to better understand our token holders and manage risks prudently. At KyberNetwork, we believe that it is important to play our part in combating money laundering and terrorism financing. That is why we have benchmarked ourselves to KYC standards typically adopted by banks and financial institutions globally.

The due diligence process includes screening against international sanction/terrorist lists, politically exposed persons and people with adverse news. Through the use of a proprietary software, a risk assessment and onboarding outcome will be performed and determined.

Additionally, as a platform that caters to end users, it is essential that the tokens get distributed to as many hands as possible, because the token holders of KyberNetwork Crystal (KNC) are likely to be the first users of the platform. By registering on the portal, we can ensure that only ONE email address and ONE Ethereum wallet address is attached to ONE real-world identity.

How do I register

Step 1: Visit registration site

During the registration period (August 31 to September 10), you should go to

Note: you will not receive any email message from us before visiting the website.

Step 2: Check email

In the registration page you will be asked to enter your email. You need to use the same email address that was submitted for whitelist, or it will not go through. If you are a Slack member, just use the email that you registered with Slack.

If your email is not in our whitelist, you will see the following message:

Step 3: Enter one-time secret code

If your email is on the whitelist has been verified, you will be directed to this screen, and a secret code will be sent to the email address that you have input.

By then, the first email from KyberNetwork should arrive. This email contains a one-time login code, specific to the email address. Please copy this code and use it to join our system.

Note: the email will not contain any URL links.

Step 4: Accept token sale terms

After the secret code has been verified, you will be directed to the Token Sale Terms page.

Please spend time to carefully read the terms and condition. If need to, you can always return to the registration system at a later time, after you have read through the terms thoroughly and your doubts clarified.

Step 5: Set password

Following the acceptance of terms, you will be asked to set a password for your account to ensure the security of the account. Also, in the case where you are requested to re-submit particulars during the registration due to faulty information (for example, one digit in your passport number is different from the number in the passport image), you may do so via the unique account that is set up on the portal.

Step 6: Enter Ethereum wallet address

After the account is set up, you will be asked to provide an Ethereum wallet address and your personal details.

The Ethereum wallet address must be an account that you control (i.e. you have access to the private key of the wallet). Examples of wallets that are appropriate for the token sale include MyEtherWallet, imToken, Ledger, Trezor etc. You will use the same address to contribute your Ether to KyberNetwork’s address during the token sale later, and a corresponding amount of KNC will be sent to this address. This wallet address can only be set ONCE, and no future amendment will be permitted after it has been submitted.

Note: please DO NOT submit a wallet address from an exchange

Step 7: Personal details

After the submission of the Ethereum wallet address, you will be asked to input your personal details. The mandatory fields are:
First name
Last name
Passport/ID/driver’s license number
Date of birth
Country of residence

You can enter your names in your native language, as long as it matches the name in your identity document.

Step 8: Identity documents

After filling your personal details you will be asked to provide an identity documents in the form of 1) a copy of the document in png or jpg format; and 2) a selfie picture of you holding the document.

Note: the document must contain the characters of your name and they have to match the name input in Step 7.

Step 9: Submit + status

Prior to submission, you need to check and confirm that the information and verification document are accurate. Each submission is subjected to an automated-online check (see About the KYC Process section below) and a manual verification check.

After submission, you will receive the second email from KyberNetwork to confirm your registration submission, which also contains the details of your registration.

The KYC check will take sometime, and in between the submission and outcome, the status is either “pending”, which denotes that the submission has passed the automated check and is ready to be checked manually, or failed, suggesting the automated check is unsuccessful.

The third and last email that you will receive from us is about the status of registration, whether it is “approved” or “rejected”. In some borderline cases (e.g., a low quality ID photo), the email message will contain a request to resubmit your details. In such instance, you need log in with your password and then resubmit your details or identification document.

Note: the emails will never contain any URL links!

About the KYC process

As mentioned, the KYC process comprises of two parts, in the following order:

  1. Automated
    Your details, as provided by you, will be checked against public sanctions and alert lists. This step will be performed by a KYC solution firm based in Singapore.
  2. Manual
    If the automated step is successful, then we manually verify that the information you provide matches the identification document photos that you submit.

Privacy and security

Our members’ privacy and security are of utmost importance. As such, please find below the measures that we will employ to ensure your privacy and security:

  1. Only an encrypted version of your data is stored in our public servers. The decryption key is stored in a private server. The public servers cannot initiate connections to the private server. All decryption happens in our private server that only the founding team has the access to.
  2. Email addresses will not be stored in our public servers. Instead, only a hash of each email is stored in those servers. The emails in regards to registration processes that we will be sending you are from the private server.
  3. Your data is not retrievable even if the password is compromised. Your password does not give you an access to your data, but rather only enables you to resubmit your data if, and only if, requested by the KyberNetwork team.
  4. During the manual KYC all collected data is stored only in our company computers, and the entire process is performed in our offices. For this purpose we will buy new PCs and all information will be wiped out from memory drives of these computers at the end of the checks. After the process ends, the data will be encrypted and stored privately for potential future audit requests from authorities.

You should take these precautions:

  1. Never send Ether to any address during the registration process. There is only ONE public token sale date on September 15.
  2. Bookmark the registration, and never visit the registration site from any email links.
  3. Never trust emails related to sales particulars (hard cap, Ethereum address to send to etc.) that you receive, because a sender email address can be easily faked.
  4. Never reply to our emails. Perform all your operations only on our website. You can check your registration status on our website via your account.

About our KYC Partner: Cynopsis Solutions

Cynopsis Solutions, with its proprietary software — Artemis, is a regulatory technology company based in Singapore. It combines deep regulatory knowledge with modern functional technologies to assist KyberNetwork and over 250 financial and non-financial clients globally to better comply with anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing (AML/CTF) requirements. Artemis is the proprietary software that Cynopsis provides.

Cynopsis Solutions utilizes dedicated and encrypted virtual private cloud to store and process all data submitted to Artemis via RESTful APIs from KyberNetwork. Neither KyberNetwork nor Cynopsis Solutions will share members’ personal data with 3rd party without prior consent.

[Warning Message]

We will NEVER send you any EmailsDirect Messages or Reminders in regards to sale details, neither will we request public contributions before the token sale date on September 15.

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