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KyberSwap Launches Arbitrum NFT Trading Campaign

Hey Kyberians! 

Hope you’ve been enjoying #ArbSeason so far with our 8 $ARB yield farms with 91,000 KNC rewards!

Let’s kick it up a notch with a new Arbitrum NFT Campaign, where all you have to do is swap with $ARB and win an exclusive NFT from Galxe!

Starting on 29th Mar ~8:00am UTC, anyone can complete the missions listed on Galxe and become winners of KyberSwap’s Arbitrum NFT Campaign!

Campaign Details:

  • Campaign Duration:
    • Start Date: 29 Mar ~ 8:00 AM UTC
    • End Date: 23 Apr ~ 16:59 UTC
  • All missions must be carried out through Galxe. Users will not be eligible for the NFT rewards if they simply swap on KyberSwap.
  • Winners will be able to claim their NFT rewards on Galxe at least 10 minutes after completing all missions correctly.
    • *Ensure you are on the Arbitrum chain when claiming your rewards.

Further Details:

  • Prizes will be claimable on directly via the Galxe. Users will have to claim the rewards on their own. There is no time limit to claim your rewards.
  • Traders will be able to view their placement directly on the Leaderboard to know if they qualify for the Trading Campaign.
  • Kyberswap reserves the right to disqualify any user that violates, cheats, or abuses the campaign at its own discretion. All decisions made by the Kyber team are final.

Trade Smart with KyberSwap.

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