KyberSwap March Product Update

KyberSwap March Product Update

Welcome to the KyberSwap March Product Update, Kyberians!

We’re excited to share our latest upgrades and enhancements designed to improve your trading experience on KyberSwap. From sleek new UI improvements to DEX integrations, read on to learn more about what we’ve been up to.

1) Upgraded Aggregator API

Our Aggregator API has undergone a significant upgrade! Previously, the API combined the Get/Route and Build/Route functions into a single API. However, following feedback, we’ve now split the API into two new APIs for more performant swap queries: Get/Route and Build/Route. This update results in reduced latency, better gas estimation accuracy, and more precise data handling.

With reduced latency, swaps on all platforms integrating the KyberSwap Aggregator API are now less likely to fail due to stale data. Additionally, the split API enables more accurate gas estimations, so users have a better understanding of the fees involved in their transactions.

As an added bonus, the API can now source alternative liquidity sources for meta-aggregator transactions, ensuring users have access to the most relevant and up-to-date information when making trades.

This improvement brings benefits to both external integrations/developers as well as KyberSwap users through improved performance and accuracy in the KyberSwap Aggregator API.

For external integrations/developers, the split API lowers the risk of the route data going stale and transactions failing. Moreover, route refreshes can be quickly computed ensuring the best updated rates. There is also more functional separation which enables route querying and route encoding to be handled separately.

This translates to a better UX for users using such platforms as there will be less occurrences of failed transactions when securing trade routes. Gas estimation will also be more reliable due to the reduced latency.

For KyberSwap users, the reduced latency and more accurate gas estimations result in a smoother and more reliable trading experience. Additionally, users will always receive the most up-to-date data possible as the reduced time taken for route searches ensures that users will always have access to the latest data.

Overall, this upgrade enhances the functionality and user experience of the KyberSwap Aggregator API for both external integrations and users.

You can access the code as an open-source protocol via our Docs.

2) New Swap Confirmation Pop-up

During times of market volatility, token prices can fluctuate heavily, leading to a change in prices even while the swap is being confirmed. This can result in users accidentally accepting a lower price than they initially thought, without noticing the change.

In response to this, we’ve improved our UI’s Swap Confirmation to enhance users’ safety and awareness. If there’s a token price change between what users initially see on the Swap screen and what they see in the Confirm Swap screen, there will be an “updated” message that will act as an alert for traders to acknowledge before proceeding the swap.

This update ensures traders are fully aware of the price they are accepting and provides more information about price changes that may occur during a trade.

 Old UI

 New UI

3) New Fee Tiers for Elastic Pools

To date, KyberSwap has released five new fee tiers on 11 chains, including Arbitrum, BitTorrent, Fantom, Avalanche, Optimism, Ethereum, Polygon, BNB, Oasis, Velas, and Cronos. This update means that liquidity providers can now choose from up to ten different fee tiers when adding liquidity. Liquidity providers now have more fine-grained control to configure fee tiers which would maximize the returns for any token pair.

To learn more about our Fee Tiers, check out our Docs.

4) Notification Center

On March 2nd, we added an exciting new feature on KyberSwap – the Notification Center! With this feature, users can opt to receive instant notifications and stay updated on pending transaction statuses, including Limit Order Fills / Expiry, Bridging transactions, Trending Soon Tokens, Price Alerts and more.

In addition, our team has also made significant improvements to this feature, such as:

a) Notification Alerts for Elastic Pools Liquidity Positions:

Liquidity providers can subscribe to receive real-time notifications when their liquidity position goes Out-of-Range or back In-range, allowing them to take definitive action by withdrawing and/or adding liquidity to their pools in another range.

b) Notification Alerts for Token Price Changes:

Users can set a price alert (similar to TradingView) on thousands of tokens across multiple chains, and subscribe to receive notifications whenever the price of their token meets the selected threshold target.

This feature provides KyberSwap users greater control and flexibility over their trading decisions, ensuring that they stay updated on price movements enabling them to make informed trading decisions afterwards.

Don’t forget to ensure your wallet is connected on KyberSwap in order to receive these alerts!

Changed your mind? Feel free to opt out anytime via our Notifications Center.

Learn more about our Notifications Center via our Docs.

5) Aggregator Integration with Limit Orders

In January, KyberSwap introduced Limit Orders (LO) to our platform, where users could buy/sell assets at a specified price or better, giving KyberSwap users better control over the prices chosen to sell or buy. 

And now, we’re excited to announce our team has made further improvements to this feature by integrating it with our aggregator!

With this aggregator integration with LOs, there are 2 benefits – 

  1.  A much higher chance that limit orders placed by users are filled 
  2. Users trading may receive better prices as their trades can now be routed through the limit orders liquidity

Learn more about Limit Orders on KyberSwap via our Docs.

6) DEXes Integrated

KyberSwap, as a DEX aggregator, is constantly working to integrate new DEXs to ensure deeper liquidity for our users and provide them with the best rates for their trades. This month, we are excited to announce the integration of Camelot on the Arbitrum chain.

As an ecosystem-focused and community-driven DEX built on Arbitrum, Camelot has access to a wide range of Arbitrum-based assets. By integrating with KyberSwap, swap rates for Arbitrum-based assets will be enhanced, and users will be able to access Camelot’s liquidity directly on KyberSwap.

With this integration, users will have more options for Arbitrum pools and can take advantage of KyberSwap’s superior Elastic protocol to earn optimized fees through concentrated liquidity and auto-compounding.

You may also refer to our Docs for the full list of DEXs integrated on KyberSwap.

This wraps up our KyberSwap March Product Update!

Eager to know what new features are coming up next? Check out our Product Roadmapto know what the Kyber team has planned for you!

Have a great idea for a new product feature you’d like to see on KyberSwap? Make a Request here for our Product Team to evaluate and consider.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to hearing your feedback on the latest upgrades and enhancements to KyberSwap!

Trade smart with KyberSwap.

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