KyberSwap September 2023 Product Updates

KyberSwap Product Updates Sept 23 Cover

Welcome to KyberSwap’s September 2023 Product Update!

We are excited to share with you the latest updates and improvements to our platform that will further enhance your trading experience. Our team has been working hard to bring you new features and improvements that we believe will make KyberSwap an even better choice for all your decentralized needs.

In this blog post, we will dive into the details of our latest product updates. We hope you find these updates as exciting as we do and that they will enable you to make the most out of your trading experience on KyberSwap.

Thank you for your continued support, and let’s jump in!

1. Greater Market Depth With Professional Market Maker

Greater market depth with KyberSwap PMM
Greater market depth with KyberSwap PMM

KyberSwap Aggregator is now integrated with Professional Market Makers enabling Aggregator swaps on Ethereum Mainnet to access real time quotes from our network of PMMs. PMM quotes are gathered off-chain and only settled on-chain if the PMM quotes offer more favourable rates. KyberSwap’s PMM network adds greater market depth to what is already an extensive list of liquidity sources ensuring superior rates for KyberSwap traders and integrators.

2. Track Your Earnings On Base, Linea, & zkSync Era

My Earnings: Track your omnichain earnings
My Earnings: Track your omnichain earnings
My Earnings: Track your omnichain earnings
My Earnings: Track your omnichain earnings

KyberSwap LPs can now track their dollar earnings on Base, Linea, and zkSync Era via their personalized My Earnings page. The last few months have been incredibly busy as KyberSwap continues to expand across the most popular chains providing KyberSwap LPs earning opportunities across DeFi.

Track your omnichain fees and rewards via a single My Earnings page where you can conveniently view your historical earnings broken down by individual tokens and chains. My Earnings feature is constantly being updated to support the latest chains. More information on My Earnings can be found on our Docs.

3. Explore New Chains With Ease Via Native Bridges

Native Bridges On KyberSwap UI
Native Bridges On KyberSwap UI
Native Bridges On KyberSwap UI
Native Bridges On KyberSwap UI

In an effort to make the multi-chain journey more seamless, the KyberSwap Interface now provides users a convenient way to navigate to the native bridge of the new chains which they are exploring. Please visit our Docs for the full list of supported native bridges as well as a bridging guide.

For even more convenience, users can opt to use our cross-chain swap feature that enables easy access to any token on any chain via a single swap. Cross-chain swap guide can be found on our Docs.

4. More Accurate Elastic APRs For Less Active Pools

Improved Elastic APR Calculations
Improved Elastic APR Calculations

Following further feedback on concentrated liquidity APR calculations, KyberSwap has iterated on the previous APR computation logic to provide LPs with an APR that is more representative of actual returns especially for exotic pools where the majority of trading fees take place in short bursts.

For pools where trades occur infrequently, the APR calculations now adopt a last available data approach. For example, if there is no available data in the last 24 hours, KyberSwap Elastic will display the last available 24H timeframe with APR data. Please visit our Docs for the complete details on our Elastic APR calculations.

5. More liquidity sources with newly integrated DEXs

As an aggregator, KyberSwap is constantly working together with the wider DEX community to create synergies and expand the DeFi liquidity network. Through sourcing and connecting various liquidity sources, KyberSwap ensures that users will always get the best rates while trades are always routed to the most efficient DEXs.

During the month of September 2023, we are happy to welcome the following DEXs into our Aggregator ecosystem:

  • ArbiDex

    Arbidex, a next-generation DEX on Arbitrum designed for unparalleled efficiency, flexibility, and user-friendliness. Arbidex showcases impressive features such as Quantum Concentrated Liquidity for enhanced capital efficiency, Quantum Farming with triple rewards, customizable Quantum Strategies, and the highest real yield in the DeFi ecosystem. Additionally, Arbidex offers an intuitive and friendly V3 UI, advanced Smart Order Routing, native limit orders, and a strong commitment to security.

  • Horiza

    Horiza is a groundbreaking decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol operating on the Base blockchain. It combines the strengths of concentrated liquidity market makers (CLMM) algorithms and active position management introduced by Uniswap v3, with the ve(3,3) design to align stakeholders’ incentives, as pioneered by Solidly. With its unique approach, Horiza aims to provide deep liquidity on the Base blockchain and create a decentralized market for token emissions.

  • Lynex

    Lynex is a decentralized exchange (DEX) and liquidity marketplace on the Linea blockchain that allows users and DAOs to perform various actions within the protocols ecosystem. These actions include: Swapping tokens; Receiving voter bribes; Earning the $LYNX as a liquidity provider; Voting to direct emissions and earn trading revenue.

  • Lyve

    Lyve bridges most mainstream LSD tokens to L2 using LayerZero’s ProxyOFT technology and directly uses them for Lyve’s Farming. As L2 matures and people pay more attention to security and privacy, we believe there will be more and more LSD projects supporting L2, and we will see more LSD projects and liquidity on L2.

  • PancakeSwap Stableswap

    StableSwap on PancakeSwap is a feature to trade stable pairs with a lower slippage based on an invariant curve slippage function. It is designed to swap specific assets that are priced closely – such as USD stablecoins (e.g. HAY, BUSD and USDT) or liquid staking tokens (e.g. stkBNB and BNBx).

  • Spacefi

    Space has created a fully integrated system that strives to create sustainable chemistry between the products. In the Space universe, you can earn DeFi rewards through liquidity mining, trading mining or minting SPACE tokens into NFTs for higher revenue, transaction fee dividends, premium trading, and governance rights, etc. At the same time, you can also create a Spacebase, invite fans and friends to join, both sides get additional rewards. Space will also be on the Starter platform to incubate and support outstanding ecological projects, and jointly build Space.

  • Sparta Dex

    SpartaDEX is a combination of real-time strategy game set in the realities of ancient Greece and a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. We called it a gamified DEX. The main goal is to provide the exchange with user engagement known from video games, which builds loyalty and consistency in providing liquidity.


The 7 DEXs above joins more than 100 other DEXs that are building on top of the KyberSwap Aggregator ecosystem. You can view the full list of supported exchanges on our Docs.

This wraps up our KyberSwap September 2023 Product Update!

Check out our Product Roadmap for a peek at new and exciting features which the KyberSwap team is busy building. You can even create a new product feature request if you have a great idea which you’d like to see on KyberSwap!

KyberSwap continues to grow with the support of our community and we are eager to get our new and improved features into the hands of users as soon as possible. The KyberSwap team strongly believes that our product will continue to drive more value for our users as they navigate the complex world of DeFi.

Trade smart with KyberSwap.

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Kyber Network is building a world where any token is usable anywhere., our flagship Decentralized Exchange (DEX) aggregator and liquidity platform, provides superior rates for traders in DeFi and maximizes returns for liquidity providers.

KyberSwap powers 200+ integrated projects and has facilitated over US$20 billion worth of transactions for thousands of users across 15 chains since its inception. Full list of supported exchanges and networks available here.

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