KyberSwap Trading Contest Exclusively with ChainGPT ($CGPT) Token!

In April, KyberSwap added $CGPT, a highly popular AI token, to its whitelist. Additionally, a new CGPT-BUSD pool was introduced for ChainGPT users, allowing them to earn LP fees by providing liquidity and get the best rates for their $CGPT swaps.

In the spirit of celebrating the AI industry, KyberSwap is delighted to unveil an EXCLUSIVE Trading Contest featuring $CGPT! As part of the competition, 60 winners will share a prize pool of $5,000 in $CGPT rewards.

Trade on KyberSwap with $CGPT on BNB chain to climb up the ranks and be winners of KyberSwap’s ChainGPT Trading Contest!

What is ChainGPT?

Based in BNB Chain, ChainGPT is an advanced AI model explicitly designed for Blockchain Technology and Crypto-related topics, which can help users quickly obtain whatever knowledge and information they require.

ChainGPT is backed by the $CGPT utility token, which is required to access various AI tools and products powered by ChainGPT. $CGPT token plays a significant role in the ChainGPT ecosystem.

$CGPT Contract Address (BNB): 0x9840652DC04fb9db2C43853633f0F62BE6f00f98

KyberSwap Classic

Do take note that with regards to our recent plans to upgrade the KyberSwap Elastic protocol, the CGPT-BUSD pool is hosted on KyberSwap Classic.

KyberSwap Classic is DeFi’s first Dynamic fee model that adjusts protocol fees dynamically based on market conditions to optimize returns for liquidity providers. Liquidity providers have the flexibility to customize the price curve in advance with the Amplification Factor to create amplified liquidity pools that greatly improve capital efficiency and reduce trade slippage.

KyberSwap ChainGPT Trading Contest Details

  • Total rewards: $5,000 in CGPT
  • Contest Duration:
    • Start Date: 21st Apr 2023 ~ 07:00 UTC
    • End Date: 4th May 2023 ~ 07:00 UTC
  • Swaps must be completed on KyberSwap using the BNB chain.
  • Token Swaps MUST be made using the $CGPT token (Eg: $CGPT to any token or any token to $CGPT)
    • Example 1: $USDC swap to $CGPT on BNB  ➡️ Eligible
    • Example 2: $CGPT swap to $KNC on Polygon ➡️ Not Eligible (Polygon is not an eligible chain for $CGPT swaps)
  • All swaps must be made on
  • Each wallet that trades at least $50 in total trading volume will be eligible for a share of the rewards pool

Ranking System

  • Rank 1: $1,000 in CGPT
  • Rank 2: $500 in CGPT
  • Rank 3: $300 in CGPT
  • Rank 4 – 10: $100 in CGPT
  • Rank 11 – onwards: 50$ in CGPT per winner (50 lucky winners will be chosen at random)

Rewards Distribution

Winners will be able to claim their $CGPT rewards via ChainGPT x KyberSwap Trading campaign on the BNB chain 5 working days after the campaign is over.

Further Details:

  • Ranking system is based on points.
    • $1 Trading Volume = 1 point on the Leaderboard
    • The Leaderboard will refresh every 5 minutes.
  • Prizes will be claimable on directly via the KyberSwap Trading Leaderboard (BNB chain) 5 working days after the campaign has ended. Users will have to claim the rewards on their own. There is no time limit to claim your rewards.
  • Traders will be able to view their ranking placement directly on the Leaderboard to know if they qualify for the Trading Contest.
  • Kyberswap reserves the right to disqualify any user that violates, cheats, or abuses the campaign at its own discretion. All decisions made by the Kyber team are final.
  • Your trading ranking will appear on the “Leaderboard” tab after trading ≥$50 volume in the period campaign.

So what are you waiting for? Try your luck so enter NOW and start trading $CGPT here!

Trade more to get higher ranking on our Trading Leaderboard. The higher your rank, the more rewards you’ll earn!

Trade Smart with KyberSwap.

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