Token Unavailability

In cases where a token is no longer supported by one of the reserves in the network, the token becomes unavailable and might potentially be delisted. If the delisted tokens are supported again by a reserve, then they may be listed again. Kyber will continue to on-board more liquidity providers for various tokens.

Anyone/teams can apply to get their tokens listed using this Listing Form.

For public transparency, here are some of the factors that results in delisting:

  • The reserve is no longer supporting the token (either lack of inventory or other factors), and thus, no conversion rates are being returned by the token pair. Please note that Kyber has no control over the management or decisions of other reserve managers. There are currently over 50 reserves on Kyber.
  • The token has migrated to its own blockchain, and is no longer available as an ERC20 token.
  • There is a technical issue with the token, and the reserve is no longer able to provide liquidity for that token.

Listing a New Reserve or Token to the Network

A reserve can be added to the network and have their tokens listed by the network maintainer (e.g. someone from the Kyber team). This involves a listing process and a vote by the KyberDAO. Find out more about our Reserves here.

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