KyberSwap January Product Update

Welcome to KyberSwap’s Monthly Product Update!

This month’s update includes a variety of new features and improvements designed to enhance the user experience and improve overall performance.

Read on for a full summary on improvements made on KyberSwap for the month of January!

1) Limit Orders are LIVE on KyberSwap!

Our team is dedicated to constantly developing and improving KyberSwap as one of the top DEXs in the space, equipped to offer traders a full suite of trading services in a decentralised manner. This is all part of our ongoing mission to create a world where DeFi can be safe, easy, fast, cheap, and accessible to everyone.

Our most recent significant enhancement, the KyberSwap Limit Orders, is helping us get there!

Now KyberSwap users can set orders to buy/sell tokens automatically once the token reaches their desired price or better. 100% built in-house and with zero fees, our team is proud to provide this convenient tool to help our users trade effectively.

Users can also opt in for Email Notifications – when limit orders are Filled, Partially Filled or Expired, users will automatically receive an email about it

Important: This is a beta release of our Limit Order function. Our team will continue to closely monitor the results and optimise the feature regularly. Users will continue to maintain full self-custody over their assets as always.

2) KyberSwap Support Widget

As of 6th Jan, KyberSwap’s Support Widget went live on our UI!

This Support Widget clearly signals to customers that Customer Support is offered by KyberSwap, which is an uncommon product differentiator in the DeFi space.

Support widget provides users the closest relevant answers based on articles on the KyberSwap Help Center.
More complex issues can be better tracked by the Customer Support team for consistent follow-ups.

This feature is continuously being improved so if you can’t find the answers you need, you can also use the widget to quickly create a support request, and a member of the customer support team will be in touch within a few hours.

3) Enhanced Pro Live Chart with Gecko Terminal

Since KyberSwap’s Pro Chart Live initial release in May last year, our team has been actively working on ways to improve this feature to make it even better for our users.

Available on all 14 supported chains, our Pro Live Chart allows users to view charts for thousands of trading pairs and perform technical analysis using hundreds of indicators from TradingView.

And now, we’re pleased to announce our charting data has been enhanced further with our integration with GeckoTerminal

With this integration, users now have access to the charting data of thousands of trading pairs and can perform technical analysis using the various charting indicators in the Pro Live Chart so you can make better trading decisions 

You can view your charts in full-screen mode and we also automatically save your technical analysis on the Pro Live Chart so you can come back to it whenever you want! 

4) Lifinity DEX Integration (V1 and V2)

KyberSwap has integrated Solana based DEX Lifinity into our aggregator system, further improving swap rates when you trade on Solana with KyberSwap!

Lifinity is a proactive market maker on Solana designed to improve capital efficiency and reduce impermanent loss for liquidity providers. Lifinity has 2 Protocols – v1 and v2 with an average 24H trading volume of around $7M through its liquidity pools. SOL, GMT, and USDC are just some of the popular trading pairs on Solana that have excellent liquidity in Lifinity pools.

After integrating with Lifinity v1 and v2, KyberSwap has now integrated with 10 DEXes on Solana:

  1. Lifinity v1
  2. Lifinity v2
  3. GooseFx
  4. Mercurial
  5. Openbook
  6. Orca v2
  7. Raydium
  8. Raydium CLMM
  9. Saber
  10. Whirlpool

This ensures that we can provide the best prices for you when you trade on Solana with KyberSwap.

With our Dynamic Trade Routing, your trades will be automatically routed through Lifinity if that route gives you the best swap rates. You can view your Trade Route on our Swap Page

More information on Lifinity here: 




And this wraps up this month’s KyberSwap Product Update! 
Our KyberSwap team has been working hard to develop features to provide a seamless and efficient trading experience to our valued community. We hope that you will enjoy the new enhancements and we welcome your feedback.

Eager to know what new features are coming up next? Check out our Product Roadmap to know what the Kyber team has planned for you!

Have a great idea for a new product feature you’d like to see on KyberSwap? Make a Request here for our Product Team to evaluate and consider.

Trade & earn at the best rates on KyberSwap.

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