KyberSwap Trading Challenge: Quest for Crystals 1

Embark on a Transcendent Trading Journey with the KyberSwap Trading Challenge at the Galactic Trading Nexus. This challenge brings together advanced trading technology and an engaging trading experience, offering a unique combination of innovation and unity in DeFi space. 

Galactic Trading Arena:

The KyberSwap Trading Challenge is not just a competition, it’s an immersive journey targeted towards DeFi traders seeking to expand their trading prowess and take advantage of opportunities to test their trading skills across multiple chains, both established and newly emerged to the blockchain ecosystem. Imagine a space station unlike any other – the Galactic Trading Nexus. This awe-inspiring venue has been meticulously crafted to host pioneers of digital asset trading. You will find yourself surrounded by a mesmerizing array of colors, each representing a unique blockchain chain. Picture yourself making trades as this dynamic universe unfolds beneath your feet.

Join the Galactic Trading Nexus:

The KyberSwap Trading Challenge invites traders, enthusiasts, and visionaries from across the realms to come together. This is your chance to unleash your trading prowess, witness the evolution of finance, and embrace the incredible synergy of innovation and unity. 

The stars are aligning, and a new trading journey awaits all DeFi traders. Are you ready to rise to the challenge and shine as a top trader within the Galactic Trading Nexus? Your journey starts here – A journey that will redefine your perception of trading and take you beyond the ordinary. 

Rise to the KyberSwap Trading Challenge and set your course for a transcendental trading experience now! 

Trading Challenge: Quest for Crystals 1

Trading Challenge: Quest for Crystals 1 Details:

  • Total rewards: 5,000 KNC for 30 winners
  • Duration:
    • Start Date: 15 August 2023 ~ 09:00 UTC
    • End Date: 29 August 2023 ~ 09:00 UTC
  • Trade any tokens on KyberSwap on any 1 of the following 8 chains:
    • Polygon
    • Arbitrum
    • Optimism
    • zkSync
    • Linea
    • Ethereum
    • BitTorrent
    • BNB Chain
  • All swaps must be made on 
  • Minimum Trading Volume: $100

*Can be accumulated over multiple transactions within the challenge’s duration.

Ranking System

Out of the trading prize pool, rewards will be distributed by the ranking system. Ranking system is based on the total trading volume:

  • For eligible participants who trade at least $5M ⇒ Their wallet addresses will be put at Rank 1 – Rank 3.
  • For eligible participants who trade at least $1M ⇒ Their wallet addresses will be put at Rank 4 – Rank 10.
  • For eligible participants who trade at least $500K ⇒ Their wallet addresses will be put at Rank 11 – Rank 20.

Check out our rewards scheme below!

Example 1 – A’s total trading volume is $5M, putting his wallet at Rank 1. However on the last day of the Trading Challenge, a different wallet makes a trade of $6M. A’s rank has now dropped to Rank 2.

Example 2 – B’s wallet is ranked 3 in the Leaderboard, but his total trading volume is $4M (less than $5M and more than $1M), B’s wallet has now dropped to Rank 4-10, receiving additional recognition as a winner and winning 100 KNC. The 3rd rank will remain unoccupied, devoid of any victors.

*It’s important to note that the eligible winners within ranks 4 – 10 will remain unaffected by this adjustment. 

Example 3 – On the 1st day of the campaign, C executes a swap of $50 on the Polygon chain. On the 2nd day, she swaps another $50 on the BNB chain and successfully quotes the challenge announcement post. C is now eligible for the Trading Challenge with lucky draw rewards. However, she may or may not win, depending on the results of the lucky draw.

Quest for Crystals 1: Lucky Draw

For traders who do not fall within the top 20 ranks, we’re delighted to share an additional earning opportunity for you. Each KyberSwap user whose wallet addresses are present on the Trading Challenge Leaderboard may have a chance to earn an extra social reward prize!  

500 KNC rewards for 10 lucky winners!

  • How to join:
    • Retweet this post about the KyberSwap Trading NFTs campaign.
    • Participate in the Trading Challenge: Quest for Crystals 1

Rewards Distribution

To ensure the competition is fair, the KyberSwap team will take some time to examine wallets that meet our requirements for ranking rewards. 

The rewards will be automatically distributed into the winners’ Polygon wallets 7-10 working days after the challenge is over.

Important Notes:

  • Ensure you click the “Enter now” button and successfully complete the captcha presented on the Trading Challenge: Quest for Crystals 1 page prior to engaging in any trading activities. Upon completion of the captcha, a confirmation pop-up will indicate your successful registration for the Trading Challenge. Users will not be eligible for the rewards if they skip this step. 
  • Ranking system is based on points.
    • $1 Trading Volume = 1 point on the Leaderboard
    • The Leaderboard will refresh every 5 minutes.
  • Traders will be able to view their ranking placement directly on the Leaderboard to know if they qualify for the Trading Challenge.
  • KyberSwap’s goal is to reward real unique participating users on the KyberSwap website.
  • KyberSwap maintains the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify any user who violates, cheats, or exploits the campaign.

Important Information: Bonus Points 

  • For this Trading Challenge, the bonus accrued in the preceding challenge can be accumulated for the volume of the subsequent one.
    • Example 1 – If A trades $1M in Challenge: Quest for Crystals 1 and earns 250,000 bonus points for Challenge: Quest for Crystals 2, the points will contribute towards fulfilling the volume requirement for Challenge: Quest for Crystals 2. Consequently, A only needs to trade more $750,000 in Challenge: Quest for Crystals 2 to meet the volume requirements for a 250,000-bonus point.
  • Users need to participate in the challenges to receive bonus points.
    • Example: If B trades over $1M in Challenge: Quest for Crystals 1; however, B does not participate in Challenge: Quest for Crystals 2, your bonus points will not be available for Challenge: Quest for Crystals 2.

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