KyberSwap Trading Contest Exclusively with $ATH token!

800 USDC to be won by 40 Random Lucky Winners!

To commemorate KyberSwap’s partnership with AETHR WORLD, KyberSwap is excited to announce an EXCLUSIVE Trading Contest with $ATH Token!

For a limited time period of 5 days, swap $ATH token on BNB chain on KyberSwap to earn points on our KyberSwap Leaderboard!

What is AETHR World?
Based in BNB Chain, AETHR World is an NFT PVP game world filled with fascinating characters called Aethers. Players aim to battle, level up, awaken, and build teams for their Aethers to compete with each other using complex strategies and tactics to attain top rankings or be rewarded with coveted resources.

$ATH is an BEP-20 utility token and is an essential part of AETHR World. Players will use $ATH to access the game, participate in governance, in-game staking and more!

$ATH Contract Address (BNB): 0x261C94f2d3CcCAE76f86F6C8F2C93785DD6cE022

KyberSwap’s Trading Contest Details

  • Total rewards: 800 USDC for 40 random lucky winners
  • Contest Duration
    Start: 8th Aug ~03:00 UTC
    End Date: 12th Aug ~15:59 UTC *extended to 14th Aug ~15:59 UTC
  • Token swaps MUST be made using the $ATH token (Eg: $ATH to any token or any token to $ATH)
  • All swaps must be made on
  • Each wallet that trades at least $20 in total trading volume will be eligible for a share of the rewards pool.

Ranking Distribution: No ranking distribution. 40 eligible winners will be randomly selected!

So what are you waiting for? Only 5 days to try your luck so enter NOW and start swapping here!

Further Details:

  • Prizes will be claimable on directly via the KyberSwap Trading Leaderboard (BNB Chain) 3 working days after the campaign has ended. Users will have to claim the rewards on their own. There is no time limit to claim your rewards.
  • Traders will be able to view their ranking placement directly on the Leaderboard to know if they qualify for the Trading Contest.
  • Kyberswap reserves the right to disqualify any user that violates, cheats, or abuses the campaign at its own discretion. All decisions made by the Kyber team are final.
  • Your trading ranking will appear on Leaderboard (tab) after trading≥ $20 volume in the period campaign.

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